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On May, 2nd INEQKILL members Caterina, Isabelle, Lise, Marina, Janna, and Philippe were happy to partake in the kick-off meeting of “The Great Leap” at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. 

The Great Leap is an international, multidisciplinary network that will bundle expertise, techniques, insights and data to create

(1) the first international comparable dataset of individual-level historical cause of death data,

(2) innovative analytical tools to analyse it, and

(3) insights into how this information can be used in current public health policy and practice.

The Great Leap has been selected by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) to undertake a comprehensive exploration of the historical origins and driving factors behind health inequalities across regions and countries in Europe and beyond. The project aims to foster collaboration, share insights, and catalyze action in addressing pressing health disparities by providing a historical long-term perspective. 

Caterina presented INEQKILL at the poster session:

Ineqkill-members participated in workshops on coding causes of death, innovative approaches to studying causes of death, and sources and datasets of causes of death across Europe. 

For more information on “The Great Leap” go to the website www.greatleap.eu

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