The INEQKILL-researchers will use data from the S.O.S. Antwerpen citizen science project. S.O.S. Antwerpen gathered data of the Antwerp cause-of-death registers from 1820 to 1946. The project did so with the help of citizen scientists.

INEQKILL-members Isabelle Devos and Sarah Heynssens, together with Angelique Janssens from the Amsterdam causes of death project, wrote an article for the Tijdschrift voor Stadsgeschiedenis on how this kind of citizen science projects comes about, which sources they projects try to disclose for research and how they actively employ the help of citizens. The article investigates how citizen science, with all its opportunities and pitfalls, can drive research, and more specifically urban history research, forward.


Devos, Isabelle, Sarah Heynssens, and Angélique Janssens. 2023. “Doodsoorzaken in Amsterdam En Antwerpen. Hoe Burgerwetenschap de Stadsgeschiedenis Voortstuwt.” Tijdschrift Voor Stadsgeschiedenis 18 (2): 118–32.

Read the complete article (in Dutch) here.

Geographical Spread of S.O.S. Antwerp volunteers on the encoding platform ‘Vele Handen’. (© S.O.S. Antwerpen)